After your tan you will feel a little sticky, and the tan has a slight odour which a lot of people say is like biscuits. Don’t be concerned, this is normal. You will feel sticky until you shower.

If it is raining on the day of your appointment, bring an umbrella and try to avoid getting rained on, as it will dilute the tan on your skin and could cause slight patchiness.

If you take your bra off for your spray tan (which a lot of people do), avoid putting it back on for an hour, especially tighter fitting bras. The aim is to reduce rubbing against the skin while the tanning solution is doing its work.

Try not to touch your skin, as this will rub tan off in places, and you don’t want tanned fingertips.

A little bronzer will get on your clothes, towels and possibly bed sheets. It should not stain, but we cannot guarantee this. We recommend you wear dark clothes and full PJ’s in bed after your tan to avoid this.

PaddingTAN Sell a tanning dress for after your tan – its a loose fitting, great looking Kaftan dress – ask us when you visit.