Before You Tan:

Exfoliating removes the top layer of dead skin cells and will make your tan last longer. Prepare your skin for a spray tan by exfoliating with a dry brush, an exfoliating mitt or a product designed with spray tanning in mind – avoid any products which claim to moisturise or leave any kind of residue on your skin – as this will absorb your spray tan and drop right off.

Shave or wax before you have your spray tan, ideally do it at least one day before to ensure any minor irritation has cleared. If you shave or wax after your spraytan, it will remove skin cells which are tanned – which could leave you a little uneven and will definitely mean your spray tan wont last so long.

Most tanning solutions have a bronzer – this is the colour you see when you first apply the tan. If you have just shaved this bronzer will give you dark pores, so always try to shave the day before.

Perfume is not good for your skin, and not good for your tan either due to the drying effect of the alcohol and the many oils and scent components it is made with. You should always try to avoid spraying perfume onto the skin

Before your tan, try to avoid deodorant, make up, and moisturiser as these can interfere with the tanning solution and cause an uneven tan

Wear loose clothing. Immediately after your tan you want to try to avoid too much friction as it can rub away at the tanning solution while it is still doing its magic!

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