Don’t shower or wash your face for at least an hour after your tan, to give the solution time to evenly spread onto your top layer of skin.
Depending on your skin type, you can leave a PaddingTAN spray tan on for up to four hours, and once you get more experienced with our tanning solution you can try for longer to get even darker results.
Don’t sweat, don’t swim, don’t get rained on and don’t exercise after your spraytan – all of these things will risk an uneven tan
Don’t wash your face before your first shower, or you will have an uneven face tan!
 You will look lighter after you shower, but your skin will continue to get darker over 12 or so hours. When you shower you are rinsing the bronzer off, but don’t be concerned as the tan is still developing.
Shower before going to the gym, physical exercise, or getting wet. You can get a patchy tan if you don’t rinse the spraytan off evenly in one go.
Avoid swimming, washing the dishes, bathing kids and generally getting wet for 12 hours after you tan, as the solution will still be active on your skin (yes, even after you shower) and rinsing your skin will reduce its effectiveness.
If you decide to sleep with your tan on, wear long pants and sleeves to avoid transferring the tan to other people, your hands, and the bed. Your partner could wake up with a tanned patch if you don’t cover your tan up!